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Rev Studio Abu Dhabi is a world class indoor cycling studio like no other that I have ever experienced. Jean Marc’s vision and dedication has translated into a friendly and energy filled environment. It is a cycling experience that is fun, energetic and never gets old. He has created a studio where anyone can come and feel welcomed as they enjoy working towards a fitter lifestyle.


One of the best attributes the studio offers is its commitment to individual attention. Once you walk through the door the staff are ready to meet your every need to ensure an outstanding workout. It’s all the little things they do that make the difference. They seem to know every rider by name, they can set up your bike, get the right shoe size and even help you with getting connected.

The programming provided by Rev Studio is dynamic and diverse. It offers live and virtual classes through multiple platforms with a wide range of styles. All riders have an opportunity to participate in classes that will pique their interest and help them work towards their personal goals. Being a boutique studio, the instructors, during a live class can attend to each rider personally without being overbearing or intimidating. It is not uncommon to have Jean-Marc get on the bike next to you and help. Whether it’s getting a better technique or even if you just need a little motivation to go a bit harder.

Rev studio has helped me meet my personal goals that I had once thought not possible. In the 10 months that I have been working out with the studio, I have improved my fitness level substantially. My VO2 max has improved from 38 to 46, I have lost 15 Kg, and physically and medically I have never been healthier.

The Equipment supplied by Rev studio allows for any rider to get the most out of their work out. The bikes are fitted with technology so that riders can monitor real time performance metrics and track them historically. The studio provides riding shoes to ensure optimal performance. The fact that water and towels are also provided is another way the staff ensures that all your needs are met. Just show up and ride.

If you want to work hard and have a great ride, then Rev Studio is your best option.

Life Before Rev Studio
Life Before Rev Studio
Life After Rev Studio
Life After Rev Studio